If mom is happy, everyone’s happy: The necessity of child support


Jayne L. Brayer Attorney P.C

So before you were divorced, child-support was not an issue. Your paychecks went directly into a joint checking account. From that joint account, the mortgage was paid, the water bill was paid, utilities were taken care of, and all household expenses were paid.  Your spouse had a debit card to take money from the account for food, clothing, cleaning supplies and all other incidental items for the family.


Now that you, the working parent, are going through a divorce, a judge is going to tell you that you have to pay child support to your soon to be ex-spouse. In a word, what you will most likely feel, is “resentment.”
When a client comes into my office for an initial consultation, the most popular question is “how much do I have to give her or him in child support?”

The simple answer to this is really a no-brainer. There are…

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